Electronic signature

The electronic signature, finally!

The advantages: fast, safe, legal and environmentally friendly

The advantages of electronic signature translate into a significant gain in efficiency. Don’t waste time with mailings, travel and paper signature delays. In addition, this digital processing of files gives a big boost to the environment by eliminating paper and reducing your ecological footprint. 

Our digital solutions allow your clients to sign documents from anywhere in the world. It’s fast, secure, legal and environmentally responsible!


With the link from your CRM, you are able to quickly select the signatories without having to enter all the necessary information again. In addition, upon signing, Tchat N Sign sends an SMS with an authentication code based on the number on file. If the client does not have a cell phone, this is not a problem! Our phone system will make an automated call to the phone line to give them the access code. That’s it!


For transactions requiring a higher level of security, the financial sector, among others, requires a digital signature, which is a type of electronic signature based on encrypted certificates that can identify the signatory. We offer digital signatures as an option through our business partner OneSpan. If your industry requires one of the big three (OneSpan, AdobeSign or DocuSign), this is the option you need to enjoy more freedom! Plus, you get integration with your CRM (Equisoft/connect), quick and easy archiving, and compliance with your insurers and brokers.

The electronic signature, an affordable solution

If your industry does not require one of the big players, we also offer an affordable electronic signature solution that is just as secure and convenient for your needs. Gain efficiency at a lower cost!