Unified messaging: don't lose a single word

All-in-one messaging lets you reach customers where they are. All your communications are centralized, archived and organized automatically. Exchange documents directly and securely. Messaging platforms such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn1, website chat1, iMessage1 and RCS1 are all in one window!

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Electronic and digital signature : Innovatief, green, and efficient

Avoid paper and travel with a fast, secure and efficient signature. 

Via the Tchat N Sign app, you can easily file one or more PDF documents for signature and tell your clients where to sign. You can also add notes to the file. Your client will then receive an email to sign where requested.

Fast and efficient, the electronic signature is increasingly used to save you and your customers precious time, and in a very secure manner.

Our platform requires the authentication of your customer by a unique code sent to his SMS number or by our automated voice system on his landline.

The digital signature is a type of electronic signature for transactions and operations requiring a more advanced level of security. We offer optional integration of OneSpan as a signature partner to meet the requirements of certain fields.

Once your documents are signed, you will receive an alert and you will be able to complete the file in one action, which will allow you to archive in your CRM (Equisoft/connect), send to an external party (such as an insurer) and synchronize with your online storage space (such as SharePoint or Microsoft’s OneDrive).

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IP telephony: economy, mobility and infallible memory

The advantages of migrating to an VOIP phone system are no longer to be proven. IP telephony is more economical for companies and is a strategic choice for the future.  The possibility of having the office line wherever you are greatly improves the mobility of the teams and the efficiency of the company by synchronizing on a single network all the communication devices such as the fax machine, the computers and the phones.

IP telephony stands out because of its call recording and forwarding features, synchronization with email boxes, and the tons of statistics and information the technology can extract. 

With Tchat N Sign, you can also connect your CRM and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is included. In other words, you can set up greetings to redirect your calls.

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Virtual Fax

The era of the digital fax machine can finally begin! With an application like Tchat N Sign, don’t depend on the old office fax machine anymore. Take advantage of the freedom the web offers to send and receive your faxes.

Send a fax virtually: Tchat N Sign allows you to send a PDF to a fax number. You will then receive a notification of receipt by email as well as in our platform.

Receive a fax virtually: A fax received at your Tchat N Sign number will be accessible instantly through your web browser, no matter where you are in the world. 

Archive and organize: you will also be able to archive your incoming and outgoing faxes in your CRM folders. It is also possible to send them to an external storage space (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox).

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Our training courses

Because a migration to digital technology necessarily involves new processes, Tchat N Sign offers training and coaching to facilitate the learning of new technologies. The trainings are short, straight to the point and accessible to everyone, regardless of your computer knowledge and skills. Going from a cluttered office to a paperless office in a few hours and a few clicks is possible!

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