What is it?

Go digital with one application

More than an electronic signature software, Tchat N Sign is an easy-to-use application for dematerializing documents and centralizing communications with an all-in-one messaging system, an electronic signature software, an IP telephony system and a virtual fax in one place. Go from paper to digital files in a secure manner with a complete tool developed specifically for the financial sector, but which is a powerful application for a wide range of sectors. In short, Tchat N Sign makes technologies usually reserved for large corporations and multinationals accessible to SMEs.     

An affordable collaborative tool

Tchat N Sign is a complete application designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to undertake a digital transformation. tchat N Sign centralizes communications and facilitates transactions by enabling simple dematerialization of processes. Tchat N Sign also brings together the different platforms your customers use, including SMS messaging and Facebook Messenger. By allowing you to send, receive, share, archive and synchronize information in your CRM, Tchat N Sign gives small players the tools of the big company.

With digital technology, give yourself the chance to switch off

Migrate to a global digital world to improve your customer service, your organization and most importantly to give yourself more freedom. With Tchat N Sign, it’s possible to get away from the office and let someone else take over without compromising the quality of your practice.