Omnichannel Communication

All-in-one messaging

Centralized messaging: freedom, structure and security!

Multi-channel communication is the freedom to communicate with your customers or team members from a single platform. You can be anywhere and the information can come from any channel, it doesn’t matter, the Tchat N Sign software will redirect everything to the right place. Tchat N Sign gives you the freedom of movement and, above all, the freedom to pick up the phone, without the risk of losing information or postponing its archiving. Your conversations are recorded and filed in your CRM automatically, ensuring quality follow-ups and seamless compliance. This single software approach to communication also significantly increases the security of communications and exchanges. 

To make the interface even easier to use, messages are color-coded to indicate their origin. For example, text appears in blue when it comes from Messenger and in green for SMS.

Internal conversation not visible to the client

Pour faciliter les suivis de vos équipes, la messagerie de Tchat N Sign offre la possibilité d’avoir une conversation parallèle non visible pour le client. Vous pouvez donc discuter avec vos collègues à propos du dossier client à même le fil de la conversation. Cela permet de mieux répondre aux demandes et garder l’historique de vos interventions internes.​

Centralize to be able to delegate and switch off

One of the great advantages of a collaborative tool like tchat N Sign is that conversations can be transferred between colleagues. So you can delegate without having to start from scratch. This way, you can provide customer service that is straight to the point, without ever having to backtrack.

Link Chat N Sign to your CRM (Equisoft/connect)

By linking the Tchat N Sign application to your CRM, there is no need to manually transfer leads. If you are an Equisoft/connect customer, you can automate the data transmission to your CRM software.


Unified messaging allows conversations to be archived directly into the client’s file for future reference and compliance.

Search in your contacts

You can start the conversation with your customer via SMS directly in Tchat N Sign. Simply search for the phone number of the record in your CRM to use, and you’re done.

Phone number Display

When a customer sends you an SMS and is in your database, their name is automatically displayed. If not, you can simply link it to an existing contact or add it to your CRM. Communications go into the customer record, no matter where they come from.

The speed of SMS on the office line

IP telephony allows you to communicate via SMS with the same number as your office. SMS is a convenient and ultra-fast way to share short, direct information without the risk of losing focus. You no longer need your personal cell phone to send SMS. This way, communications are also accessible to the entire team.

Facebook Messenger is moving

Link your Facebook page to Tchat N Sign and centralize your customers’ communications on a single platform.

Mobile application that makes you even more agile

Install the Tchat N Sign mobile application to chat by SMS, Facebook Messenger or other from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Upcoming integrations

It’s only a matter of time! Coming soon to Tchat N Sign: LinkedIn, iMessage, RCS and your own website chat.