Our training courses


Because a migration to digital technology necessarily involves new processes, Tchat N Sign offers training and support to facilitate the learning of new technologies. The trainings are short, straight to the point and accessible to everyone, regardless of your computer knowledge and skills. Going from a cluttered office to a paperless office in a few hours and a few clicks is possible!

Let’s start from the base

Training for each tool

  • Initial configuration : 1 h
  • How to use the chat : 1 h
  • How to use the electronic signature : 1 h
  • How to use the OneSpan digital signature : 1 h
  • How to use the virtual fax : 1 h

Let’s go further

Advanced training to further optimize your digital practice

  • Process automation : 1 h
  • How to archive in Equisoft/connect : 1 h
  • How to archive to external storage (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) : 1 h
  • How to optimize your Equisoft/connect BOM for efficient document archiving : 1 h

Private training available 

Contact us for schedule and prices