Voice over IP

Voice over IP : the office line everywhere

Automation, archiving and synchronization

Compared to traditional telephony, IP telephony opens a world of possibilities. Among other things, it allows you to install softphone software (e.g. Bria) on your smartphone that allows you to make calls over the Internet via a cell phone or a computer. In other words, you can receive and launch calls from any device without revealing your personal mobile number to your customers. Only your office number will be displayed! This feature is essential in 2021 to make the break between your personal life and your work. 

Welcome message (IVR)

With Tchat N Sign, you can program a greeting that will offer your customers options to better direct them, such as “Welcome to Tchat N Sign, press 1 for sales, press 2 for support”.

Virtual voice mailbox

This is where the power of IP telephony lies. When a customer leaves you a voice message, a copy will be redirected to your email box.

Call forwarding

Because it’s important to keep work and home separate, after hours you can forward your calls directly to voice mail. If the call in question is an emergency, you can also offer the option to do so and avoid disaster!

Call recording

The big winner of the conversation recording feature is undoubtedly the quality of service you provide to your customers. You never need to repeat your customer and can focus only on the needs and solutions.

Activity link with your CRM

CEach call from a customer automatically adds an activity to your calendar in your CRM. This feature is ideal for tracking the duration and content of calls1.

1 Features coming soon.