Virtual Fax

Goodbye old fax machine!

Let’s face it, the era of the digital fax should have started right after the Jurassic period. But then again, technological progress can be very uneven in different fields. For the financial sector, our digital fax solution eliminates the need for a physical machine to send and receive faxes. Everything happens virtually. Finally.  

Send to

“Send a fax” and “simplicity” are rarely used in the same sentence. Not anymore! With Tchat N Sign, sending a fax is a breeze! Just select the PDF you want to send, enter the destination number of your fax, type in a small optional message, and voila, your fax is on its way! Plus, if your contact is stored in your database, you can quickly and easily select them by name, without having to type in their phone number!


Your faxes will appear as downloadable PDF files directly in our platform. An email is sent to you notifying you of a new receipt. No matter where you are, you have access to your received faxes. Anyone who uses a fax machine on a daily basis will greatly appreciate this digital transformation of faxing. Why not put a majestic plant where that old faxosaurus once stood?


A virtual fax allows you to archive your faxes in your CRM and assign them to the appropriate files for easy future consultation. It is also an excellent way to transfer a file to a colleague without having to start from scratch or lose track of the file’s progress. This aspect is not negligible given the hellish pace that unlimited connectivity imposes on us. 

You can also make a copy in your cloud storage space (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox).

Multiple numbers and users

In order to maintain a certain level of confidentiality between employees or departments, it is possible to have multiple fax numbers synchronized with our platform and to customize and control user access. This configuration prevents a department or an individual from being flooded with faxes or documents being sent to the wrong place. In other words, you choose who sees what.